Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Awards recognise achievements in helping people, animals and the environment.

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots has four overall awards categories. The first, general, category gives bronze, silver and gold awards to the best school projects to commend your hard work. The second category is the prestigious The Jane Goodall Award for Individual Endeavour sponsored by Quest Overseas, our third category is for Best Photographic Entry, and our fourth is our new Wildlife Documentary Video Competition run in collaboration with Love Nature.

This year each school attending Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Annual Awards will receive a free 12 month subscription to National Geographic Kids magazine and a free copy of National Geographic Kids Infopedia 2013.

What are the Prizes for the General Awards Category?

Bronze Award

All schools that submit a project post will automatically be eligible for a Bronze Award certificate personalised with the details of your school.

Silver Award

Projects that show special merit and initiative will be awarded a personalised Silver Award certificate. Both Bronze and Silver award winners will be considered for Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Annual Award and you may be invited to attend the prestigious Awards Ceremony in December.

Gold Award

Projects that incorporate work on all three aspects of Roots & Shoots will be awarded a personalised Gold Award certificate. The schools who have submitted these projects will be automatically invited to the Roots & Shoots Annual Award Ceremony in December where students will have the opportunity to present their projects and meet Dr. Jane Goodall in person before an overall winner is announced.

How do I submit a project entry?

To submit a project for consideration, simply register and log-in to the Roots & Shoots website and post a story for your school. You can post as many project updates as you wish! You can see examples of previous posts in our Mission Updates section. If you are having trouble posting your story then drop us a line at or ring us on 020 7078 4064 and we will help you through the process of making your first post.

Remember, your projects need to demonstrate how you have made a practical, positive difference to either people, or animals, or the environment. If you can show how you have helped to make the world a better place for one or even two of the above, then you will be eligible for a bronze or silver award. If however, you wish to be considered for a Gold Award you must demonstrate that you have made a positive difference to all three aspects – for people, animals and the environment.

How do I Enter the Photographic Competition

Schools are invited to submit photographs on the theme of “Making a Difference”. Each pupil can submit only one photograph and these should be emailed to

By submitting a photograph to the competition you are granting The Jane Goodall Institute the right to display that photograph on our websites, in written material (including, but not exclusive to, the Roots & Shoots newsletter) and on the The Jane Goodall Institute’s social media accounts.

How do I Enter the Wildlife Documentary Film Competition

This amazing competition is supported by Love Nature, and is open to student documentary film makers in the UK.

Students can submit a film from 3 t0 20 minutes in length, which can be filmed on any device. The winners will be announced at the annual Roots & Shoots UK Awards, and the overall winner will be flown out to join Love Nature’s film crews on location in the channel’s motherland—Canada—on an official Love Nature shoot.

For more information on how to enter and full terms and conditions, visit: Roots & Shoots Documentary Competition

Roots & Shoots partners with Love Nature



Love Nature is dedicated to bringing nature lovers closer to the beauty and intrigue of the natural world. Originating in 2006, they’ve undertaken a commitment to provide at least 200 hours of programming per-year in 4K Ultra HD, to capture nature in a new light via the crispest of visuals.

Through their new video on demand App and online streaming service, available in 32 countries worldwide, there are now more ways than ever before to discover the best wildlife shows. For the cost of a coffee, you can have access to their exclusive 4K content, shot in 43 locations all over the world in amazing locations such as Zambia, Scandinavia, Cambodia and the Middle East.

You’ll be able to watch as much as you want on a wide range of Internet-enabled devices—including Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Google Play, Amazon Fire and Xbox 360—whenever you want, playing, pausing and rewinding nature documentaries without any commercials or commitments.

Love Nature is committed to the conservation of the natural world and getting us back in touch with our nature roots.

As well as celebrating and nurturing young talent with our documentary grand prize, we’re also giving every school in attendance to the Roots & Shoots Awards a complimentary subscription. Keep your students discovering with Love Nature in the classroom, where you’ll have access to all of our playlists and shows which shine a spectacular 4K light on the wonders of the natural world surrounding us.

LoveNature_Animal_Family5_1920x1080 LoveNature_CloseUp_1920x1080

We at Roots & Shoots are very pleased with this partnership and grateful for the support Love Nature is providing to the programme

The Jane Goodall Award for Individual Endeavour

Nominees to have shown exceptional personal endeavour and contribution throughout a class project. The nominating teacher must be willing to submit a testimonial concerning the nominee and be willing to provide evidence, if necessary, to support this. The nominated individual will by their own efforts, have made a difference to the lives of their fellow humans, animals, and to the environment. Pupils must be nominated by the link teacher. If you would like to nominate one of your pupils for this award, please email Jasmina Marcheva at with full details.

This year the Jane Goodall Award for Individual Endeavour is sponsored by overseas volunteering organisation Quest Overseas.


The winner of this award will be invited to join a Quest Overseas’ team on one of their summer projects in South America or Africa. All programme costs in country are covered by the award, a prize worth around £2,000. Find out more about the award here.

National Geographic Kids Magazine Sponsors Most Outstanding Photograph Award at the Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Annual Awards


National Geographic Kids is an exciting monthly magazine, which gives boys and girls a whole new way to learn about and explore their world. Packed with features, posters, puzzles, quizzes and exciting things to make and do, NG Kids is a great resource for children, parents and teachers.

Issue 134 cover no barcode Issue 135 cover no barcode

The Roots & Shoots finalists will each win a one-year magazine subscription for their school to enjoy.

Plus, the lucky Winner of the Most Outstanding Photograph will also get the chance to become a NG Kids’ reporter for a day!  They will spend the morning at NG Kids’ HQ, meet the team and find out how the magazine is created, before heading off on a special assignment as their guest reporter. The Winner will then be asked to submit a short report on the experience, which will be published on the NG Kids website!

Please send your photos to

Jasmina Marcheva


Good Luck!

Who is eligible for an award?

Any member school submitting a project for consideration is eligible. If you are not a member then you can sign up today – a relevant project your school may already be doing can then be considered for an award.

We have already received an award for a previous entry. Can we enter again?

Yes! Please continue to enter. You can tell us more about your original project – perhaps how it has evolved over the course of a year or term, or tell us about a completely different initiative.

Award Top Tips

To be eligible for a Silver or Gold Award Certificate, you will want to include the following in your activity description:

  • A description of the project, why did you choose it and what success have you had?
  • How does it benefit people, animals and/or the environment?
  • Don’t forget to include relevant data such as visits made, items recycled, etc… so that we have some indication of the scope and scale of your project.
  • Illustrate your report with photos, drawings or collages. Take a photo of your best work and upload it onto the Roots & Shoots website!

Good luck!

How are the Roots & Shoots awards funded?

Roots & Shoots is a charitable organisation that is funded through donations. You can help to support the work of Roots & Shoots in the UK by making a donation, no matter how small. The easiest way to donate to the Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots programme UK online is by using Virgin Money Giving. This can be a one off donation for any amount you want (every pound helps!) or if you prefer you can set up a regular, monthly donation.

Click on the banner below to make your donation. This will take you through to the Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots donation page.

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

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