Recent updates on current Roots & Shoots missions

Chowbent Primary School Green Flag

Posted on February 13th, 2017 by Agent Haynes

The Eco Team at Chowbent Primary School proudly holds on to the Eco School’s Green Flag. All the hard work and dedication has paid off, well deserved reward Team.

Green Flag

Protecting Antarctic Wildlife and Environment

Posted on February 13th, 2017 by Agent Gediman

TASIS students in our Roots & Shoots group recently explored facts about Antarctica, including both wildlife and the physical environment. Their Roots & Shoots leader, Ms. Gediman, recently returned from her third trip to Antarctica. Her trip was an environmental expedition, testing renewable technology in the interior of Antarctica. Her …

Christmas Parcels 2015

Posted on February 13th, 2017 by Agent Parker


JAGS girls really spread the Christmas love and to Ugandan children that appreciated it most in …

What we’ve done so far

Posted on February 13th, 2017 by Agent Parker

The idea of AFFCAD UK arose in September 2014. Later that year, we officially launched the charity. One of the first events, Project Lucky Stars, raised £671 for AFFCAD Children’s Christmas Party. Overall we were able to send an astonishing £1039 to …

RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch

Posted on February 13th, 2017 by Agent Doyle

This week the whole school took part in the RSPB’s Big Schools Bird Watch. We had lots of fun spotting the different birds that visit our garden during the day. We had to record how many birds we saw at one time. We saw the most birds between break time and …

Volunteering and Conservation in Uganda

Posted on February 13th, 2017 by Agent Parker

In Easter, 2017, a group of girls from JAGS will be travelling to Kampala, Uganda to volunteer with AFFCAD. We will be working closely with members of the local community in the hope of helping to bring fundamental change and sustainable development to the slum …

Project Chicken Feed

Posted on February 10th, 2017 by Agent Parker

Children from the Excel Primary School
Our first project, Project Chicken Feed was to begin a chicken farm which would generate a stable income by selling the chickens and their eggs, so that AFFCAD Uganda could feed the children at …

Empowering girls in Uganda with AFFCAD UK’s Give a Girl a Future Project

Posted on February 10th, 2017 by Agent Parker

AFFCAD UK’s ‘Give a Girl a Future’ project helps take girls off the streets of Bwaise and help them towards a safe and successful future. In the slums of Kampala, girls as young as 11 are forced to sell themselves on the streets in order to earn money – just …

Fair Trade Group Campaign- The Speech of speeches!

Posted on February 10th, 2017 by Agent Hannam

Two members of the Fair Trade Group, Naomi and Shahara, wrote a powerful and thought provoking speech to promote the Fair Trade cause this week.

The speech has been shared to all students in tutor time this week and will be read to primary school students when SJNCC hosts the Eco …

Hear all about it! Hear all about it!

Posted on February 7th, 2017 by Agent Hannam

The Fair Trade Group has been very busy this term creating beautiful posters, leaflets and many other exciting campaigns! (Coming to this blog very soon!)

We have decided that we want to raise more awareness of the role that the Fair Trade Group has at Sir Jonathan North Community …

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