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In with the new

Welcome to our brand new Roots & Shoots: Mission Possible website. Roots & Shoots: Mission Possible gives you the chance to improve your local environment now to help make the world a better place tomorrow. It sets you a number of missions that help you to learn about people, animals and your local environment and shows you how you can make a positive change.

Roots & Shoots: Mission Possible is currently being piloted with a small number of schools across the UK and will launch fully in September, when registered schools will be able to access Mission Briefs from ‘Chief Agent J’, travel to the future in the company of the ChronoBots R00T5 and 5H00T5 and help save the planet by making a difference to your local environment!

All this and more

Would you like a chance to meet with Dr Jane Goodall, the inspiration behind the Roots & Shoots programme? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet someone truly inspirational!

With Roots & Shoots: Mission Possible you can share your best work on the web for a chance to win a rare opportunity to meet Dr Jane herself and prizes for you and your school which will be presented by Dr Jane at the Roots & Shoots Awards presentation in December.

Free Membership & Free Resources

We are offering free membership and free resources to Roots & Shoots for those schools who take part in the pilot programme. If you are interested in joining the pilot then please ask your teacher to let us know at

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