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Dr Jane encourages scouts worldwide to make a difference for the planet at the 21st World Scout Jamboree

In July this year Dr Jane was the guest of honour at the international World Scout Jamboree in Hylands Park, Chelmsford.

As part of this special occasion JGI UK delivered a number of Roots & Shoots educational workshops in the global development village.

Jane Goodall at the World Scout Jamboree

Dr Jane spoke to over 2,000 young scouts from around the world about the opportunities they have to make a change, chimpanzee and human similarities, her beginnings and her mother’s influence, the threats facing chimpanzees and the environment through to the development of Roots & Shoots and her hope for the future. She then took part in one of the Roots & Shoots workshops with 20 young scouts.

At the end of each workshop each Scout was asked to make their own personal pledge to help the planet and was inspired by Dr Jane’s own pledge.

“I pledge to think about the choices I make each day. What I eat, wear and how I travel. And how this affects the environment, animals and society”.

As she said “millions of people turning off the tap when they brush their teeth, picking up litter – everything little makes a massive difference to our world – everyone can fight huge corporations with consumer power by choosing not to buy certain products, for example”.

The day culminated in a trip to Gilwell Park, the UK Scout Association headquarters, to see the development works that are taking place.

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