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World renowned scientist Dr Jane Goodall celebrates a week of Roots & Shoots

In the presence of Dr Jane Goodall herself, St Michael’s primary school undertook a whole week of Roots & Shoots activities in Bournemouth. They are the first school in the UK to devote a full week of lessons and timetable to the Jane Goodall Institute Roots & Shoots education programme joining a network of thousands of young people around the world who undertake Roots & Shoots activities in over 100 countries. The programme, established by the Jane Goodall Institute empowers young people to take positive action on behalf of people, animals and the environment.

Jane Goodall in Bournemouth

“I’d like everyone to think about the effect of everything they do on the environment and society. If they do that and change their behaviour, the world would start to change rather quickly.” said Dr Goodall.

The children took part in activities representing all three areas of the Roots & Shoots programme including trips to local farms, Marwell Zoo (endangered species) and sanctuaries, recycling projects, carbon footprint, Fair Trade and global warming initiatives and speaker events from bodies such as Lifeguards, the Fire Brigade, Christian Aid and Save the children and community based action projects.

“Our Roots and Shoots Week was a huge success. The pupils have been full of inquisitive questions and shown great understanding of all the activities we have done. All the children have written a promise on a leaf that we have displayed in our ‘Promise Forest’ in the hall, families have also been invited to make a pledge for the planet when they come in for an open evening to share their wonderful work from the week” said primary school teacher Ruth Fry.

An annual event of the Roots & Shoots programme is peace day where doves have been flown in peace marches across the globe.

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