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2008 Jane Goodall Youth Leadership Award

Do you know of an outstanding young person who has demonstrated skillful leadership in making a difference for people, animals and the environment? If so, send us your nomination for the 2008 Jane Goodall Youth Leadership Award!

The Jane Goodall Global Leadership Awards honor organizations and individuals who share Dr. Jane’s values, vision and commitment to making a positive difference in the world for all living things. The awards are given in the categories of Youth Leadership, Excellence in Public Policy, Global Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Activism in Media and Entertainment.

The Youth Leadership Award recognizes an individual (age 14 to 24) who exhibits leadership and excellence through his or her work to help preserve our natural world, protect animals or benefit our human community. We encourage you to nominate individuals who meet this description!

Last year’s winner, Chase Pickering, embodies Dr. Jane’s most cherished ideal that each of us, every day, can choose to make a difference.

As the 2006-2007 Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Fellow, Chase initiated and led a R&S fundraising and awareness campaign, which collected more than $50,000 (USD) for a new dormitory at the Jane Goodall Institute’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of Congo. The sanctuary “Africa’s largest ape sanctuary” cares for young chimpanzees that have been orphaned as a result of the illegal commercial bushmeat trade.

A first-year student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Chase is also a talented wildlife photographer with hopes that his photographs will serve as a ‘visual voice’ to support wildlife and habitat conservation efforts around the world.

“Roots & Shoots has given me the opportunity not only to follow a passion for working with people, animals and the environment, but it has allowed me to live a dream,” says Chase. “This program is truly changing lives, one person, one creature and one place at a time.”

This year’s winner will receive his or her award from Dr. Jane Goodall, in person, at the Jane Goodall Institute’s Award Celebration in Washington, D.C., on November 7.


  1. Nominations should be submitted by an adult who is closely acquainted with the nominee.
  2. To submit a nomination, please complete the Nominator portion of the Nomination Form.
  3. Instruct the nominee you have chosen to complete the Nominee portion of the Nomination Form.
  4. Submit both the Nominator and Nominee portions of the Nomination Form TOGETHER, following the submission instructions on the form.
  5. All nominations must be received by 5 p.m. EST, on February 15.
  6. Nominees must be a registered member of Roots & Shoots.

*The Jane Goodall Youth Leadership Award recipient will be announced to all participants by 5 p.m. EST on March 14 via the contact information provided on the Nomination Form.

Note: All necessary transportation and lodging for the award celebration will be provided by the Jane Goodall Institute.

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