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Newsletter – Spring 2008

Dear Roots & Shoots Members,

Welcome to 2008.

I hope that your New Year has got off to a great start. Although many see January and February as dreary months, the best part of it is that the longest night has passed. In a few weeks time the first signs of Spring will start to appear and, as I write this, Roots & Shoots projects are busily being planned in schools across the UK.

Last December was our busiest month as Dr Jane was in the UK on a hectic tour which included visiting schools and universities and attending the first ever Roots & Shoots Awards.

The Awards proved a successful note to end the year on with an exciting London event, where schools from across the UK showcased their Roots & Shoots humanitarian and environmental work.

Despite the amount of pessimistic news we are exposed to nowadays on television, through the media and internet and the escalating problems that man inflicts on our planet, I always feel hopeful for the future through the young people that I meet on my travels with Dr Jane, who demonstrate such enthusiasm, hope and compassion for our planet. It spurs me on to go to work everyday for JGI and make a positive difference to the world – however modest!

Please join me…

Together we can make a difference…

Tara Golshan,
Executive Director
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