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Roots & Shoots International Peace Day

In association with UN International Day of Peace.

21st September, 2008

“With the peace doves we remind everyone of the truth that they sometimes forget – that peace is possible. We celebrate everything which is free and noble in the human spirit. And we celebrate all that so many people have done throughout the year and will do next year to create a better world.”

Jane Goodall

On the 21st September, 2008, Jane Goodall PhD, DBE, founder, renowned primatologist and UN messenger for peace, will encourage youth across the globe, to join together to celebrate the universal desire for peace.

This year Roots & Shoots groups from across the UK are congregating in our capital, London, to celebrate Peace. Our youth aim to show the country and the rest of the world that, every individual can make a difference and if united can change the world. With gun and knife crime on the increase, especially in London, it is even more imperative that young people are encouraged in a more positive direction against violence and bullying and towards peace, unity and respect for others.

Roots & Shoots groups stand united and are working together, all over the world, to achieve this goal and also combat issues of poverty, environmental degradation, animal cruelty, conflict, sustainability and many other local and global problems.

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