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Jade’s Trip to Nepal

My Summit Family celebrating Earth Day at Animal Kingdom

At the Jane Goodall Global Youth Summit, in April 2008, I met Manoj Gautam and Raajan Subedi, who are two of the Roots & Shoots members from Nepal. Manoj and I became close friends very quickly and he soon asked me to come and visit them in Nepal to help with their conservation and community work. Two weeks after returning from the US, I had booked my plane tickets.

On Wednesday 23rd July, I will be embarking on a 7 week trip to Nepal and the Himalayas. I will be travelling the country with Manoj and his Roots & Shoots team, to their various out posts, taking snakes from Snake charmers, teaching slave children how to read, write and count, building the first animal rehab centre in Nepal and many more fascinating tasks. I do not know all the details of what we will be doing. I do know that this is going to be a very spontaneous, eye opening and life changing experience and that I am going to build some very special freindships.

With just one week to go before I leave, the excitement is starting to mount. There is much to be done for Roots & Shoots here in the UK before I leave. I also have to move house and pack my bags. But when I step on that plane at 9:00pm on Wednesday 23rd, I will be embarking on a journey that I wish to share with all the Roots & Shoots groups here in the UK, so that you can learn more about our Nepalese Roots & Shoots family living 4560 miles away.

So come and check Jade’s Nepal travel blog every week from 23rd July to the 12th September and see what we get up to in the Kathmandu Valley.

For more details about the global youth summit visit:

For more details about the work that Manoj and his team do in Nepal visit: and join the Jane Goodall Institute Community for social change where Roots & Shoots members worldwide can share there work. Both Manoj and myself are on there and Manoj has uploaded some fantastic photos.

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