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The 2008 Roots & Shoots Awards with Dr Jane

On the 15th September, schools from across the UK gathered together in London to share and present their Roots & Shoots activities to Dr Jane and each other at the Roots & Shoots Awards ceremony.

The event took place at the prestigious National Theatre on the South Bank. The National aims to re-energise the great traditions of the British stage and to expand the horizons of audiences and artists alike. It aspires to reflect the diversity of the nation’s culture.

Students prepared creative showcases of their contribution in the area of people, animals and the environment and described to Dr Jane and the other participants what they had achieved, why it was important and how they would build on their work for the future preservation of the planet.

Dr Jane also gave a truly inspiring talk about how important this work was and how she hoped that schools in the UK would use her network to link to other Roots & Shoots groups involved in similar projects around the world.

Schools were presented with certificates and a special elephant sculpted by hand from red African clay in Malawi, central Africa. The elephant is said to bring harmony to a household and its occupants due to its ability to remove obstacles in its path.

What some of you thought of the awards…

It was such a fantastic experience for my students and myself to attend and take part in the Roots and Shoots Award ceremony in London. Jane Goodall is such an inspiration to us all and we will never forget the day or most importantly her message. I have begun working with our newly formed Lower School Roots & Shoots Club, and we have already begun some lovely projects.I admire all that Roots & Shoots does and look forward to new projects.

Wendy Gediman
TASIS The American School in England

I’ve now returned from my A-level fieldwork and wanted to thank you both for our Ringwood students’ wonderful day in London at the awards ceremony. Sue reports that it was an almost magical occasion and the students haven’t stopped talking about meeting Jane. They had a truly wonderful time.So many thanks again for what you’ve done.

Gill Hickman
Ringwood School

I just want to say a massive thank you for yesterday. The children had an amazing day. They all, including Karen, the teaching assistant who accompanied them, came back inspired. They will be talking about the trip at our Roots and Shoots meeting today.Thank you again.

Melissa Davies Oliveck
Jubilee Primary School

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