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Environmental Leaders at Penryn College

Penryn College started the Eco-Schools project this time last year and we have come along way since then.  The project is now run by an Eco-School Committee of students including Chair, Vice-Chair, Events Manager, PR, and Secretary, with 6 topic teams led by a team leader including Energy, Water, Recycling, Transport, Biodiversity and Healthy living.

Because of the work these students are doing the school has achieved its Bronze Eco-School award and has just applied for its Silver.  However I was concerned that the students were not getting the individual recognition for the work and energy they themselves were putting in to the project.

Penryn College has had a long history with success in the Nationally Accredited Sports Leaders Programme as well as developing the Art Leaders Award.  This was the perfect opportunity to recognise the work of our Eco-School students by creating the Environmental Leaders programme.

The programme gives students an incentive not only to become involved but also to extend their knowledge and skills of environmental issues in their chosen area.  It also encourages them to activley be involved in local community projects whether it be conservation work to recycling to encouraging better energy use.

Every student in Eco-School is an apprentice leader and as they become team leaders through part of the Eco-Committee to eventually Eco-mentors so they develop the personal skills and leadership qualities to train and support others through the process.  This process is fully recognised by the school through certificates, badges, specialist school uniform and national leadership accreditation.

If you wish to know more about the programme and how it might fit into your school send us a message through our blog and we will get back or email

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