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Penryn College: The Living Classroom Reaches Out – Mission Update!

An important part of the Penryn College Living Classroom Project is supporting other schools in the area to ‘grow their own’ and encourage biodiversioty in their school grounds.

Last term the Living Classroom team visited two primary schools in the area, Perran-ar-Worthal and Mylor, and asked Year 6 students to think about how they used their outside spaces at break and lunch.  They were then asked what features they would like to see in their outside areas that would make it a better, brighter, more enjoyable place.

Most student feedback could be put into three groups of plants, seating and play and so the next step was to work with a local garden designer to come up with potential plans for development.

Next half term the Living Classroom goes back to the primary schools with our Environmental Leaders to help the year 6 students and their parents realise their ideas…………watch out for results!

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