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St Luke’s Science and Sports College – Mission Update!

Hi there, we would just like to update you on our activities.

In our wild spaces outside we have now created a marshy area. Our Design and Technology Dept students are busy making a bat box and a barn owl box, and we have created a database to record all the animals and plants we see and any interesting facts about them. People all over the college are growing potatoes in their subject areas and we are also growing sunflowers. The seeds will be used for the wild birds in the winter.

As a college we are taking part in the growing seeds campaign for trees and have planted our 400 seeds. Within the college we are looking at litter and how we can improve our recycling and energy efficiency.  Two members of our Green Team have applied to join the new youth parliament for the environment. Lastly we have made one hanging basket from recycled bras, as being promoted by The Royal Horticultural Society and if we can sell any then all proceeds will go to The Jane Goodall Institute.

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