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Penryn College congratulates their new Eco-Team!!! – Mission Update!

After a long and intensive process of applications and interviews the new Eco-Committee at Penryn College has been appointed.  The Eco-Committee with Eco-Team Leaders are responsible for leading the Eco-School project at Penryn, deciding its direction and actions for the coming year. 

A huge congratulations to the following students:

Andy Gooding – Eco-Committee Chair

Zoe Ashbridge – Eco-Committee Vice Chair

Matt Bassett – Eco-Committee Secretary

Yzobel Wilkinson – Eco-Committee Events Manager

Anna Munden – Eco-Committee Public Relations

Connor Clements – Eco-Committee Student Council Rep

Sean Phillips / Josh Rollason  – Water Team Leader

Ben Crosby – Energy Team Leader

Lauren Terry – Recycling Team Leader

Martha Mitchell-Gillespie – Healthy Living Team Leader

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Share by email or online: