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Posting Pictures on Roots & Shoots

You may have already seen and used the guide on posting a story about your school – here’s a quick and handy guide on how to add pictures to your posts!

When you are creating or editing a post using the WordPress utility, you will see a screen like so:
example screenshot

Once you have entered the title and text of your story, you are ready to add pictures, and you will need to decide how many images you want to add – either a single image or a gallery of several.

For a single image:

  1. You should ensure that your pictures are of a suitable size and dimensions to upload to the site. To keep uploading times short and ensure best viewing results for the final uploaded picture, we recommend that you resize your chosen image to no larger than 600 pixels wide. This is usually easy to do using your computer’s own graphics software. Once done, save the image with its new dimensions and the file will automatically occupy a smaller amount of memory and take less time to upload when you do so.
  2. In the ‘Add New Post’ window click on the first icon after the words ‘Upload/Insert’ – this is the image upload button:
    Image Upload Button
    and you will be guided through the process to add images to your post. The default option on how to select your image that you will be given is the ‘flash uploader’ – if this has difficulty navigating to your image on your computer then try the ‘browser uploader’ instead.
  3. Once selected and uploaded the image will be stored in a gallery from where it will appear in your post. There are several options for appropriately labelling the image but the only ones you need to worry about are ‘title’ [which is marked as mandatory] and caption. Titles can be a little more general than or the same as the caption, which should be short but descriptive, e.g. ‘Dan digging in the garden’. You may wish to experiment with the alignment options but your picture will already be appropriately sized so can remain at full size if you wish. Now you just have to click the ‘insert into post’ .
  4. Now you can submit the post for review in the usual fashion and an administrator will finalise and publish the story complete with picture for you in the usual way.
  5. these – an administrator will take care of these, all you need to do is click on the button marked ‘insert into post’ which will be near the bottom of the upload window. You will now be taken back to your original ‘Add New Post’ window, so click on the button marked ‘Submit for Review’ and you are all done – an administrator will approve your post and it will be added to the site.

For a gallery of images:

  1. If you wish to add several images to your post then you can do this as an online gallery with thumbnail images embedded in your article. To do this follow the same steps as for a single image but once you have added your first image, click on the ‘save all changes button and then along the top of the ‘add an image’ box click on the tab ‘From Computer’ again to select another picture to upload.
  2. Upload and label as before, and then when you select ‘save all changes’ again, you will now find that you are given gallery options. You don’t need to fill these in, but feel free to experiment with your posting structure if you want to – otherwise an admin will do it for you upon submission of your post.
  3. Continue to add as many more pictures as you wish from your computer to the post – they will successively be added to the gallery. You might find it more useful in this instance to change the titles to ‘Picture 1’, ‘Picture 2’, and so on, with captions describing the visual content as before.
  4. When you have added all your pictures, click ‘save all changes’ and then ‘insert gallery’.
  5. Now you can click on ‘submit for review’ as before, and a site administrator will finalise and publish the story as usual.

See, easy!

The more often you use this feature the faster and more inventively you will be able to create your posts, so good luck!

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