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Dr. Jane Goodall Takes Rotary by Storm!

Keynote speech draws over 20,000 Rotarians from around the world

Dr. Goodall addressed over 20,000 Rotarians from nearly 120 countries during her keynote address at the 100th International Rotary Convention in Birmingham, UK on June 24th.

Speaking against a backdrop of flags from around the world, Dr. Goodall shared her message that every individual matters and that every individual can make a difference each day. She highlighted how similar Rotary and Roteract are to her international youth service program, Roots & Shoots, and how collaboration in service is possible between the two organizations.

Dr. Goodall said:

“That’s what Rotarians are all about: seeing that appeal for help and doing something about it. We need teamwork, we need a network — that’s what you have, that’s what we have. Let’s put the networks together, and together make this a better world. Together, let’s create the change we must create if we care as we do about our children and grandchildren and theirs. Together we can help more young people to realize their dreams.”

Dr. Goodall is pleased to welcome Rotarians to learn more about the work of the Jane Goodall Institute and Roots & Shoots.

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