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Fearnhill School provides habitats! – Mission Update!

As part of the mission to improve the biodiversity around Fearnhill School, 30 saplings, donated by the Woodland Trust ,were planted around the school grounds.  Some of these were planted around the wildlife garden to provide a wider range of habitats for various bird and insect species.  In the wildlife garden itself, the pond is being re-developed from a mass of brambles to an actual pond with a boggy area and several different depths of water.  We aim to have the pond completed by the end of term, so there is a lot of work still to do!  Some pupils are helping to make bat boxes and bird boxes to put in the garden too.

Last Friday, the Year 9’s were involved in a ‘Water’ day, they carried out different activities to calculate how much water they used in 24 hours at home, investigated what to do to reduce water wastage, and they were shown what a serious effect a lack of water can have on peoples lives.  They are now producing posters to increase the awareness of how vital water is to everyone!

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