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Daylesford Infants’ Eco Group!

Over the last five years we have cultivated several gardens here at Daylesford. 10 children from our Years 1 and 2 make up our Thursday Eco Group. With help from their parents and teachers have been the guiding force in deciding how the gardens were laid out and developed. We also had help from the local Melbick Nurseries.

Here is a summary of the 4 gardens accompanied by a photo gallery charting the work done to build them over the last few years:

  • The Eco-Garden – this is an area featuring a natural pond that attracts local wildlife such as amphibians, insects and birds for the children to observe and learn about.
  • The Storytellers’ Garden – this is an area populated by a variety of scented pot plants – it is a lovely area to spend time in.
  • The Vegetable Garden – here we have been growing peas, carrots, courgettes, runner beans, beetroot, lettuce and potatoes, which were especially successful and the children were thrilled to be able to take these home with them!
  • The Fairy Garden – This is a natural play area with bark chippings and other natural materials only – no tarmac here!

A woodland trail connects the gardens and next year we hope to install a new vegetable garden which can host a plot for each year to tend. The other children are already eager to get started and love getting involved with watering duties and any other attention the gardens need. Because the children have had a big hand in making the decisions about what the gardens include and how they are laid out, they are very proud of what a success they have been. In 2007 we even won a Be Smart Award!

We couldn’t have acheived all of this without a lot of help from the parents and staff that have helped out, and would like to say a big thankyou to them for all their efforts, but they are very much the children’s gardens and their input has made all the difference!

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