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Queen Elizabeth II High School’s Fairtrade Survey – Mission Update!

Some of our pupils with their surveys

A group of yr 10 students conducted a Fairtrade survey around the local area for the One World Centre. If a shop sold 2 or more Fairtrade products they could be included in the Island Fairtrade directory. The students enjoyed planning and conducting their survey. Most shops made them welcome and welcomed the opportunity to be included in the directory.

The students were surprised that the larger local supermarkets did not sell as many Fairtrade products as the smaller Co-Op store. Only Co-Op wanted to develop their Fairtrade products, Shoprite did not. There were many little shops who tended to sell one product usually coffee so they could not be included in the directory. The results of the survey were fed back to the One World Centre.

The yr 10 students felt that supermarkets should sell more local grown and sourced products.

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