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TASIS begins a new Environmental Club!!!

We have students involved from our 4th and 5th grades (which is Year 5 and Year 6 in the British system). Students will be following both a curriculum and taking part in school environmental projects. We will be linking our projects to Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots organization. The curriculum we will cover comes from the educational curriculum set by Robert Swan’s 2041 organization. This deals with the issues of preserving the last natural environmental area on earth – Antarctica.

The students will explore issues such as the impact of travel and transport, the physical environment of Antarctica and what is taking place with shrinking ice due to warming temperatures, respect for our earth, sustainable energy, the animals of Antarctica and how they are adapted to their environment, and the courage for us to take actions – beginning with little steps to take care of our earth. We will discuss how we can reduce waste, recycle, and renew both at home and at school.

Some of the students in the Environmental Club
Some of the students in the Environmental Club

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