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Calling all Agents! Get your MP signed up to reducing carbon emissions in 2010!

The 10:10 campaign aims to bolster grassroots support for tough action against global warming ahead of the key global summit in Copenhagen in December.

Those signing up to the campaign pledge to make efforts to reduce their carbon footprints by 10% during the year 2010. Individuals and Groups committed to the cause include politicians, celebrities, artists, football clubs, galleries, schools, universities and trusts.

How to support the campaign:

  1. Commit individually or sign up your school or other organization at
  2. Help the campaign financially and donate at

Here in the UK we are working with the creators of 10:10 to involve our Roots & Shoots groups. As part of making a positive change to the environment Roots & Shoots members can now lend their support to the 10:10 Campaign. This campaign is based on the common goal that by working together Britain can cut its carbon emissions by 10% in the year 2010. You can read about the full campaign at the initiative’s website

The big news for Roots & Shoots members is that you can now quickly and easily invite your local MP to join the campaign and support cutting carbon emissions in your local area! It only takes 2 minutes to click here and invite your MP to join 10:10.

In parliament the front benches of all three major political parties have signed up to support 10:10, with this statement from the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown:

“I fully support the 10:10 campaign and its challenge for everyone to cut carbon emissions by 10% in 2010.”

The Liberal Democrats have responded to the 10:10 challenge in a really big way by passing a truly inspirational motion to their conference. Here’s their leader Nick Clegg on his blog yesterday:

“We will demand 10% cuts in emissions in 2010, like the brilliant 10:10 campaign is fighting for.”

Get signed up to the 10:10 campaign now and let’s make Roots & Shoots a powerful weight in reducing the carbon footprint not just in the UK But around the globe.

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