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The Roots & Shoots Awards 2009 – Your Comments

After the Roots & Shoots Annual Awards 2009 held in December, here is what our visiting members had to say:

“I would like to thank you for the invitation to the Jane Goodall Institute on Monday. Visiting you was a major and special event as you had recognized the valuable work that our “Afri-Twin” project had and continues to carry out.
Mixing with other groups and seeing how their various projects were run, has given us ideas about some aspects of our project as well as furthering “Environmental Awareness” which we will pass on to our school and our African Twin. We hope in time that overseas projects will have the opportunity to visit London to celebrate their success.”
Patricia Sharp
Chemistry / Science Teacher / Afri-Twin
Lymm High School

“Originally our project focused mainly on the environment but through joining Roots & Shoots Programme we were inspired to expand and develop it to include people and animals.
Roots & Shoots has been a great educational and inspirational program that has credited our school and also the environment as well.
The communal atmosphere of events like this and the web site has enabled us to widen our horizons and given us drive for future projects.”
Quote from Clare Fisher (age 16)
Queen Elizabeth II High School

“Thanks Tara and Jasmina for a fabulous day on behalf of the Roots & Shoots group at ACS Hillingdon International School! What a great day! : ) ”
Anne – Mari Pesonen (Teacher)
ACS Hillingdon International School

“To be in the presence of the quietly enigmatic and dynamic energies that are Dr Jane is like placing a seedling in a patch of warm sunlight. The seedling will grow and strive to grow towards that light – the light of vision, commitment and hope. Dr Jane has and continues to inspire and forests of hope are ever growing through
Roots and Shoots. It was a privilege and an honour to be there – a memory that all of us will draw on.

Thank you Jasmina, it was a brilliant day, we made lots of great contacts and it was a genuine and inspirational pleasure to meet Dr Jane.

Again thanks for a brilliant day – the students were so over-awed and empowered and Mr H will be out and about a lot round here – guaranteed!”
Stephanie Diamond (Teacher)
St. Luke’s Science and Sports College

“As part of Turners Hill School’s continued efforts to be sustainable and environmentally friendly we are always looking for new ways and resources to inspire and develop the young people in our care when considering the environment.

The Roots & Shoots Mission Impossible Education Programme has given the children an opportunity to really focus on all the things we currently do and to consider what we could do in the future.

Keeping up to date with other ‘missions’ has given us ideas for future projects.

Thank you so much Jasmina and Tara, we had a lovely day, the children made us very proud!”
Philippa Jacobs (Teacher)
Turners Hill CofE Primary School

“Thank you so much for letting us be part of such a great scheme. We have all come back totally inspired by Dr Jane. I spoke to students in assembly this morning about her. Well done to you for all your planning.”
Lesley Sleight
Queen Elizabeth II High School

“Thanks for everything yesterday. We had a great time there and were really impressed with all the other schools. Very inspirational for us all.”
Andrew Latham
Penryn College

“Roots & Shoots has provided our school with an opportunity to see the good work that is being done in many schools which we can implement in our school.

Often it is hard to see how school projects can make a difference to the world in need of so much help.
Roots & Shoots showed both staff and pupils of Fearnhill School that there is hope and that the work we are doing does make a difference.

The resources provided to teachers give us scope to develop new projects in school and coming to London to meet Dr. Jane Goodall inspired both pupils and staff – thank you Roots & Shoots for all you do!

Again, a massive thank you from Fearnhill School for priding us with such a wonderful opportunity.”
Rachael Bobbin
Fearnhill School

“Roots & Shoots as a team are so supportive and enthusiastic that the Award day couldn’t have been better.

We were offered so much help and guidance on the way to achieving silver that I can’t see how we wait reach gold standard in the future.

Thank you so much Roots & Shoots for all your time and efforts, and thank you Dr. Jane Goodall for motivating and inspiring the next generation so effortlessly.”
Maryce Moss-Montoya
The Skinners’ School

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