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UCL Roots & Shoots Team: Workshop 2 – Mission Update!

This Monday, 8th February, Four UCL volunteers visited Years 2 and 5 at St Michael’s CofE School in Camden.

Year Two met UCL volunteers Luke, Pierre, Filip and Jess and their alien friends Busta and Pong to learn all about RUBBISH! We learned where rubbish goes after it leaves our bin and discovered that 70% of the waste in landfill sites could be recycled! We learned how to use the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and tested out our new skills by making stylish pen holders from some our rubbish. We were helped along by Busta and Pong’s catchy recycling song!

On a fittingly snowy day, Year Five learned about the people live in the coldest places on earth, how to help London wildlife through the cold winter and how to save energy for the future. In groups, Year Five drew pictures and wrote about a day in the life of an Inuit, made bird feeders out of recycled bottles and identified the areas in the house where we waste the most energy. Finally each student in Year Five made a pledge for the planet and stuck it to their pledge tree.

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