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UCL Roots & Shoots Team: Workshop 3 – Mission Update!

Today the UCL Roots & Shoots team were sent by Special Agent J to Year 4 of St Michael’s School. Our Mission? Prevent a future Ice Age!

We learned about where our food comes from….. Friederike’s apple came from China, Geoffrey had one from Chile, but Jess had found one from Kent! We decided that apples could only travel from the far corners of the world by plane – contributing to the future Ice Age – so it is a much better idea to buy English apples which have only travelled by lorry. But what about something more complicated…a CHOCOLATE CAKE! We found out how near and far the ingredients of a chocolate cake could have travelled. Some ingredients, like coffee and cocoa, could only be grown in hot climates. Some – like sugar – could be grown in Ireland, but often come from Hawaii!

Not content just with buying locally grown produce, Year 4 went one better and planted their own vegetables! A delicious harvest of beans, lettuce and carrots should germinate in the next 17 days. If they get enough water…

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