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Coleshill School’s Fairtrade Fortnight – Mission Update!

The whole school took part in Fairtrade Fortnight. We started by having a special assembly about Fairtrade and asked parents if they would take part in this year’s ‘Big Swap’ to change to Fairtrade products. We had a display of everyday Fairtrade items such as tea, coffee, chocolate, sugar and bananas. The older children learnt how these items were produced, writing for instance about cocoa production and how bananas are grown. Some children wrote poems or drew pictures and Fairtrade logos for our display. On the last day we held a Fairtrade tea party. The children played international games in the playground before sitting down to a teaparty of Fairtrade hot chocolate, tea and cakes made with Fairtrade ingredients. Everyone had fun as well as learning about the importance of Fairtrade.

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