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CSCC’s Cooperative Planting Event for a Greener Future – Mission Update!

After several weeks of cold dry weather, it is always a bit disappointing to feel the rain, especially when you are supposed to spend the day outside. This is how some of CSCC students must have felt when they got up one Thursday morning.

However, the wet start of the day did not dampen their spirits when they joined forces with students from both Redruth and Pool Schools and started their ecological event.

Their mission for the day was to plant a total of 90 native trees, 30 in each of the three schools. Armed with spades, forks, wellies and dedication, the students worked for several hours. CSCC opted for a selection of deciduous trees such as Beech, Oak, Cornish Apple, Silver Birch, Sweet Chesnut and Cherry, lighting the way for a greener future.

There was also an international twist to the event as Matthew, a Year 8 student at CSCC explains:

“Trees have also been planted in Mombasa, Kenya by teachers from Camborne, Pool and Redruth along with Kenyan students and teachers. Mr Bispham is visiting schools in Zimbabwe over Easter and will also be involved in planting trees. Students from our school feel like they are ambassadors for a worldwide ecological project.”

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