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Pembroke School’s Eco Project – Mission Update!

Pupils at Pembroke School have been very busy learning about the environment and what we can all do as individuals for the environment and each other. Pupils have been looking into the following areas, Bio-diversity, Energy and Conservation as well as healthy eating.

This week pupils have been busy building willow windbreaks, levelling ground and measuring vegetable plots for the community garden. Pupils have been working hard so that all local community groups are able to have a vegetable plot. Pupils are now working on a project that will engage the wider community and encourage them to plant their own local vegetables, fruit and salad. As a nation we can not sustain the long air miles, chemically enhanced vegetables and mass production of food. Pupils are also growing and eating their own seasonal fruit and veg. We have also planted over 65 trees this month alone!

Bio-diversity pupils are currently working on a project that will convert the waste bog pond into a wildlife pond to encourage wildlife. We are also turning waste land into a wild meadow planting native species of plants to encourage the Shrill Calder Bee. We hope this will help the bee population to increase.

Pupils have also been very busy building bat boxes, bird boxes and hedgehog houses. We hope to place these around the school grounds and the wider community to encourage wildlife.

Pupils have been busy monitoring energy consumption in the school and have designed labels and signs reminding us to turn off the lights and switches! We will keep you updated on any energy we save!

Pupils in year 8 have also been busy doing beach clean ups! Pupils have used the debris and rubbish to make sculptures highlighting the impact of sea pollution in the local area.

Read Ellie Wilson’s Dolphin Project (Word Document)

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