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“Well haven’t we been busy!!!” :D

Our Eco group have had a hit squad working on our school’s carbon foot print.

We started our Eco group in September 2008 and have been busy workers from mucky gardeners to being Eco-fairies.

Just a little taste of what we have been doing…

  • First of all we did a litter pick on our school field…mainly rubbish from people who use it in the evening! We recycled what we could in our new recycling bins.
  • We have also started a vegetable garden in our Year 7 yard – we have grown, onions, brussel sprouts, radish, tomatoes, potatoes and lot more yummy food!  !
  • We have planted some plants and trees in our huge field.
  • We have also created several Eco-fairies. We go around all the classrooms in our school checking that the lights, computers and projectors are off, and if so then the teacher gets a chocolate as a reward! If all three are not turned off then they get a note telling them “how disappointed we are in you!” We do this monthly.
  • We also went on a trip last month to Townley Park Off Shoots Centre which in a centre where they grow all their own vegetables. It was a very educating trip (especially when we got to try some of the food!!!)
  • We have done a car wash at lunch times and at the summer fairs.
  • Many walks and ride to school events have taken place
  • 23 compost bins
  • A compost guru came in
  • A car wash to raise money
  • AND we are holding a ECO FAIR on the 12th JUNE 2010!!!!!!!!!

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