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Amazon – go to the Jane Goodall Institute UK website page, use the link to buy goodies from Amazon, and a percentage goes towards our wildlife research, education and conservation.
Anniversary giving – celebrate a special date by asking friends and family to give a special gift to the Jane Goodall Institute. We’ll mention all those celebrated in our newsletter and on our website – just let us know.
Auction – organise your own auction evening with donated items from people you know and even local businesses.


Baking – you can guarantee that your friends and family will be happy to give a contribution in exchange for homemade provisions!
Barbeque – get friends and family to join you round the barb-B for some well burnt offerings – for a small charge.
Bingo – if you’re bingo barmy, this could be a great way to gather friends together. Get your friends to bring the prizes and ask for a donation towards refreshments and JGI UK!


Car boot sale – get rid of stuff you don’t use any more and hold a stall at your local car boot sale or organise your own garage sale.
Church group – if you’re an active member of your local church group, suggest the Jane Goodall Institute UK as a charity to select for their next fundraising day.
Chimps tea party – get everyone together for a cuppa and some cakes, and tell them about Jane Goodall.


Dinner party – hold a posh dinner and charge friends as if you were a restaurant.
Dressing up or down day – ask your school or university if you can raise money by charging colleagues to come to work in casual clothes, fancy dress (perhaps chimp costumes!) or choose a theme (maybe ‘in the jungle’).


Events – any type of event can be turned into a fundraiser, just use your imagination and organise a supportive group of helpers. Why not run a local stall or street collection day? Or have a picnic with entry fee, a sponsored walk, treasure hunt, quiz night – the possibilities are endless! – buy stuff online, raise money, costs you nothing! Register with now. – give a try; it donates half its revenues to charity and we can benefit every time you search online.


Film Night– show a screening of the latest romantic comedy for your girlfriends (and / or guy-friends!), or current blockbuster and put on popcorn and ice cream – for a charge.


Games Night – host a games night for all your friends. Play old fashioned party games like pass the parcel and musical chairs, or board games, or just a game of charades!
Garden Party – good food and some nice drinks will get your guests in the mood for giving.
Gigs – organise a gig at your school, local club or sports hall, with local bands, or how about a comedy evening or talent competition?
Golf – hold a local tournament with your friends or on a grander scale. Find an interesting handicap like playing with one eye closed to make it more interesting!


Head shaving – the old ones are the best!


Ice cream – have an ice cream party, and see who can come up with the best ice cream creation. All participants pay to enter, winner gets a small prize, and consumers pay to eat!
Iron – do the family ironing for donations.


Jumble sale – organise a jumble sale or garage sale in a local hall.
Jump out of a plane – not for the faint of heart but if you have a head for heights and a sense of adventure, try a sponsored skydive or parachute jump.


Karaoke – have a home Karaoke competition and charge for every song performed.
Keep quiet – the good old sponsored silence! Or just get sponsored for keeping your music on low volume for a week.


Litter – get paid for picking up litter on your street by your neighbours.
Letters – write to people you know and tell them about why you would like them to give support to Jane Goodall’s Roots& Shoots, and the work of the Jane Goodall Institute UK.


Marathon – it doesn’t have to be a marathon, any race or fun run will do so get into training and run for animals in laboratories.
Murder Mystery – host a murder mystery game and charge for entry.


Newspapers – a letter in your local newspaper appealing for like-minded people can be a great way to make contact with people interested in raising funds and awareness together.


Odd jobs – offer your services for odd jobs like cleaning cars or gardening with proceeds going to the Jane Goodall Institute


Peace Day – celebrate Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Day of Peace with a collection of donations from family and friends.
Party – hold a party where everyone brings an item of clothing they want to swap and pays a donation to participate.


Quiz night – putting quiz questions together and organising a prize can be just as much fun as taking part. Everyone loves a good quiz so get thinking.


Running – run any distance, on 2 legs, 4 legs, or 3 legs (with a friend!) and get sponsored.


Sponsor me – whether it’s a run, walk, silence or bungee jump, think of a personal challenge and ask everyone you know to sponsor you. Set up your own fundraising page at to maximise your efforts.
Sport – whether it’s you and your mates or the local footy team, organise a friendly contest and get sporty!


Treasure hunt – organise an event around your town or your home with cunning clues for friends to decipher.
Tea Party – invite all your friends and charge them for some lovely home-made cakes.


Unwanted Gift Sale – sell your unwanted gifts via ebay, or get your friends to donate theirs with all proceeds going to the Jane Goodall Institute UK.


Virgin Money Giving – set up a fundraising page on for any activity you undertake.
Volunteer – volunteer to wash your neighbour’s windows or cars for cash.
Village fête – a great place to hold a stall and raise funds – perhaps selling cakes, or raffling some goodies.


Walk – the family dog, or a neighbour’s dog for donations.


Xmas – get all your friends to give chimp adoptions, Jane Goodall’s books or DVD’s for Christmas presents – buy them from our website, or buy anything from Amazon or via Easyfundraising for us to get extra cash at no cost to you.


Yodelling – hold a yodelling competition with friends who aren’t afraid to let rip in front of others – a guaranteed laugh! The quiet ones may surprise you!


Zebra – ‘pin the tail on the Zebra’ an African version of the ‘Donkey’ version – get each person to pay for a turn, and the closest one wins a prize.
Zzzzzzz – have a rest after all that fundraising!

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