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Robert Gordon’s College ECO-Systems Project!

Pupils have spent several weeks planning and creating 5 eco-friendly ECO-systems in the Biology Department at Robert Gordon’s College.

A tired display cupboard was in much need of a revamp so pupils were invited to choose what could be done to make it look interesting.  The whole idea then expanded due to pupil interest and creative ideas.  After a brainstorming session the pupils decided to split into smaller groups in order to make different ecosystems.  The main objective was to transform the 5 shelves into 5 different ecosystems.  Each group planned the look of their ecosystem, habitat and populations.  We then decided that to create the display we would use as much recycled items as possible.  After drawing up a wish list of various materials needed to create the ECO-systems, we visited the Creative Waste Exchange in Aberdeen.  We were able to buy very cheap materials due to all of the stock being donated by local businesses and householders which would otherwise have gone to landfill.  The final ECO-systems to be designed were: the Underwater World, the Rainforest, the Polar Regions, the Seashore and the Desert.

Recycled Item

Made into



end sections of factory Quality Street wrappers,

Fish, backgrounds

paper and card scraps from the local Paper Mill


plastic salad bowl

rock pool

pin cushion


desk tidy

coral reef

various curtain material


8 members of our Creative Minds lunchtime group presented a PowerPoint presentation and prop enhanced talk at the Natural History Centre, Aberdeen on Tuesday 15th June 2010.  We promoted our idea and success to share good practice to pupils and staff from all of Aberdeen City schools.

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