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Bryngwyn Primary School’s Amazing Allotment – Mission Update!

We are the children of Bryngwyn Primary Special Needs Unit. Over the past year we have been very busy transforming an overgrown wasteland that sits adjacent to our School into a wonderful wildlife habitat and allotment. 

We asked some ‘Super Dads’ to come to our School to help clear the land.  The Dads cleared old baths, glass, weeds and brambles, on old washing machine, tin sheets and lots more. 

When the land was safe for us to work in, we quickly got to work on our great projects which included:

  • A Minibeast Mansion – We built this out of pallets, terracotta pots, pipes, bark, moss and bricks.
  • A Honeytastic Habitat – We placed three tyres on top of each other and painted them black and yellow like a bee. We planted them with beautiful flowers such as cornflowers, nasturtiums and verbena. We hope to help conserve the falling bee population.
  • A Willow Hide – We planted willow whips and made a willow teepee. We watch our teepee grow each month and we love to sit in there on our log seats and watch our local wildlife.
  • A Toad Abode – We recycled an old plastic pond and made a wonderful habitat for frogs and toads. We planted ferns and ground cover plants all around the pond for the frogs and toads to hide.
  • A Mini-Orchard – We planted 2 apple trees, 1 pear tree, 1 plum tree and a flowering cherry tree. We hope that the bees will travel from our Honeytastic habitat and pollinate our fruit trees!
  • A Wild Flower Meadow – We planted a small wildflower meadow to provide a natural habitat for our local wildlife.
  • Our Veggie Plots – We have 9 vegetable beds where we grew beans, peas, corn, radish, potatoes, carrots and kale. In our new greenhouse we grew tomatoes and peppers.
  • Native Hedgerows – We have Rowan Trees, Holly, Hawthorn and Hazel planted all around our School Grounds.
  • A Grassipillar – We placed 5 tyres in a row and painted them purple. We grew grass in eash tyre. Our Grassipillar is really funny! Lots of insects enjoy our Grassipillar!
  • A Pizza Patch – We used log roll to creat a circle. We sectioned off the circle and planted each section with foods that can be used on a pizza such as tomatoes, rocket, basil, thyme, rosemary and mint.

We have lots and lots of ideas ready for next year. We enjoy helping to look after our environment and make our School Grounds look beautiful. We understand the importance of biodiversity and we enjoy sharing our practices.

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