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Wisewood School’s Eco-Green Day (July 2010) – Mission Update!

On 21st July 2010, Wisewood School held an off timetable day called Eco-Green Day.  The day was an opportunity for students and staff to explore some of the ideas of global warming and our impact on the environment. 

Students and staff were invited to wear non-uniform with a green theme. Over £200 was raised. This was donated to several charities as selected by students – these were WaterAid, WWF, UK Orangutang Appeal and our Ugandan Expedition 2011.  This was followed by a DVD called “Crop to Shop”, which discussed how far some of our food travels. Even some staff were surprised how far potatoes travel! This gave students the opportunity to find out about their impact on the planet, how the environmental is affects and the animals that live in it.

Y7 & Y8 spent the rest of the day creating a media project and making models that represent global warming. There were some fantastic models made, attached are some of the photos of the models. There were some fantastic models which just showed how important students thought about the planet and their impact on the environment.

Meanwhile Y9 worked in small groups planning and built models of a home for the future.  Vinci staff visited to discuss some of the features that will appear in Forge Valley to give students inspiration.  Vinci staff then returned at the end of the day to judge the best designed house as well as best teamwork.  The winning team was led by Mr.  Bishop and each students received a Meadowhall voucher.  Well done to everyone who took part on the day.

At the end of the day students completed an online questionnaire about their understand of the environment and how likely were are having a negative impact on the earth.  Many of the students (and staff) were aware of the problems and are very concerned about global warming.  Let’s hope that all the positive work that students did in school will continue to have the impact on their lives.

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