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Anglia Ruskin University’s Activity Update

Common Fishing Policies

A group of us got together to review the current Eu Common fishing policies, and how we feel that it is failing. At the time it was to be reviewed in the Eu and they were requesting people who felt concerned to write in. Aspects of the policy were divided up between us and review, we came together to write the letter which was then sent in to be read.

Arran Trip

A joint field trip with the Chaplaincy; it takes place in early July, where we spend a week on the island of Arran. This year it rained, Sleeted and snowed but we still had a great time. Whilst on the island we spend many days on walks looking at some of the special sites on the island, like the stone circles as well as talking about why and how they could have been built. Great fun is also had identifying species of plants we encounter as well as spotting rare birds.

Film Screenings

Usually at the start of the new semester a film night is held to bring old and new members together, in the past we have shown Wall E and the 11th Hour. We then discuss the implications of the films and how true they could be.

Trips to the Cambridge Zoological museum, Botanical Gardens and Cambridge Herbarium

These are held throughout the year, we take members to these museums, in the case of the herbarium a topic is chosen and the family is looked at – with the other museums we look at exhibits and receive talks from curators.

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