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Arts and the Outdoors at Penryn College

What an exciting opportunity it was when a local artist, Binki Rees, approached the school with an offer of building an outside kiln in our ecology area.  Choosing a small group of our environmental leaders and arts leaders we met up on a Saturday morning to create the kiln.

With the aid of an old oil drum as the start we mixed mud and water from our farm area into a sticky mess using our feet.  A great mess and lots of fun.  We then added some local clay to the mix to make it stick and rolled it into mud bricks.These were then placed around the drum to create our outside kiln.

The following weekend, after it had dried, we came back and fired the kiln up with a small fire underneath.  Some of our clay art work was placed inside and we left it to bake (for hours!!)

When we came back the pottery was great; our kiln had worked!! A really fun activity that only used recycled materials and the earth around us!

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