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Fundraising for Hurricane Hit Belize Zoo

Back in October, Belize Zoo fell victim of category 1 Hurricane Richard. Although this was by no mean a big hurricane, the zoo took a direct hit and sustained heavy damage to its infra-structures. Luckily, no one was hurt and all the animals survived. However, the damage was so great that the British Army came in to help clear up the mess. The staff then started the huge task of repairing what they could to ensure that all the animals living there would be safe in their enclosures. This also meant that the charity run zoo had to be closed for a month.

When we heard of the Belize Zoo predicament, we decided that our first ever Roots & Shoots mission would be to help. We set out to make things we could sell at the school Christmas Fair. We made bookmarks and bird feeders. We also donated toys, books, DVDs and other objects to raise funds for the zoo.

The day of the Christmas Fair was a great success, we tended our stall like true professionals and made a total of £100 for the zoo! It might not sound like a lot but we are sure that a little help will go a long way.

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