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Dingwall Academy’s Squirrel Project

In our project we researched about red squirrels, we learned that the grey squirrel is taking over the UK and killing of the red squirrel with diseases. Red squirrels love their nuts! They even eat fruit, acorns, seeds and eggs.

Red squirrels live in Dingwall, Maryburgh and Contin, and around the highlands of Scotland. Red squirrels sleep in trees and their nests are called a dray.

There is a disease that red squirrels catch which is also killing them off! Like the disease that rabbits get called myxomatosis that spreads from rabbit to rabbit. The squirrel catches the squirrel pox, which spreads from squirrel to squirrel.

We made some pictures of red squirrels using tissue paper

We are planning on getting the Ranger to come and speak to us on more information about red squirrels!

– Kelsea, Crisdean and Phillip.

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