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Newsletter – Summer 2011

Dear Roots & Shoots Members,

Things have been moving so fast at Roots & Shoots. We now stand at 1285 schools – the last time I was writing this we had not yet reached our first 1000!

We have also managed to raise almost 15,000 for the programme thanks to a donation from the Belgian Tourist Board and a number of exciting events in the last six months.

The awards event on December 10th was a huge success and for the first time we had R&S directors attending from other parts of Europe including Spain, Holland and Hungary. As a result of the programme’s success, we are increasingly being invited to speak at events, conferences and seminars – not only in the UK but in Europe as well.

During my time at JGI a common phrase I keep hearing is;

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”.

Dr Jane has now amended this phrase to say, we don’t borrow it we STEAL it from our children.

Seeing her travel 300 days of the year and hearing her speak at so many events, the one area that continues to give her hope, despite all the problems in the world, are the Roots & Shoots members – therein lies our future as she sees it.

If anyone can save the planet – we can!

What a wonderful gift and sense of purpose to be given and I’ve no doubt each and everyone of us can rise to the challenge.

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