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Being part of our ‘Everyday Futures’

The environmental leaders at Penryn College were recently lucky enough to be invited to take part in a South Cornwall project called ‘Everyday Futures’ run by graduates from the University College Falmouth and University of Exeter.  The project aims to raise the awareness of how we as individuals create a carbon footprint in the actions that we take and how we can all make a difference through the decisions that we make.

The leaders attended two workshops run by the Everyday Futures team looking at Food miles, transport to school, energy and waste.  Acitivities ranged from the use of possible renewable energy sources to the food miles involved in a basket full of shopping, from the carbon footprint of their journey to school to ‘where on Earth’ do we put our waste?

At the end of the workshops students created a diorama for each topic, pooling their ideas together for a positive future and showcasing this in each picture.  All the leaders involved then helped out at a weekend event at the Poly Theatre in Falmouth where they acted as guides to a wide range of stalls and activities concerning sustainability open to the public.  The event ended with some fascinating speeches on the topic of current global challenges that face us.

Well done to all our leaders and the ‘Everyday Futures’ team who worked tirelessly over the project to make it the success it was

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