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Surfers against Sewage and ‘Return to Offender’

As part of a school wide project this term on water some of our students were invited to attend a whole day of workshops run by Surfers against Sewage at the National Maritime Museum.  There they looked at the damage being done to our ocean ecosystems by the waste and plastics that are dumped at Sea and how they could help in their everyday actions.

This inspired the students to arrange their own beach clean and to join the ‘Return to Offender’ campaign run by Surfers against Sewage.

At the weekend the students joined forces on a beach clean walking along three of our local beaches and collecting over three big binliners of plastic waste.  They then met up in the week at school and as part of the ‘Return to Offenders’ campaign sent some of this plastic waste back to the original manufacturer with a letter encouraging them to use more environmentally friendly packaging and to encourage their consumers to recycle their waste.

All the students involved, including myself, had a fantastic time on both the workshops and the beach clean and would like to thank Surfers agianst Sewage for all the hard work they do.  This is particularly important to the group as one of their friends contracted viral menengitis whilst surfing in water contaminated with overflow waste.

Lets hope their actions can make the waters safer for us all!

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