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Yr 7 Students continue the Paper Cycle Project

We have continued our Paper Cycle Project into the Summer Term. As well as  continuing to make our paper fuel briquettes and paper recycling boxes we have started 2 new projects involving recycling paper. These are making seed paper and making paper pots for growing seeds.

Paper Briquettes

 Year 7 students made a further 200 paper fuel briquettes for the elderly. We have recycled about 800 newspapers to make the briquettes. The fuel briquettes will be dried over the summer holidays and then be distributed in the winter to the elderly who rely on fires for their heating. We have now made approximately 527 briquettes recycling approximately 2400 old newspapers.

Paper Recycling Boxes

Yr 7 students have just converted  32 crisp boxes into new paper recycling boxes which means now every classroom has a paper recycling box. In September every class will have a paper monitor. Their job will be to ensure that the paper recycling boxes are emptied into the paper recycling bin. The paper is collected to be recycled.

Seed Paper

Paper from the recycling boxes has been pulped and made into new paper. The year 7 students added flower seeds to the mixture. The paper will be made into cards and gift tags. The seed paper then can be put into pots or the garden and assorted flowers will be grown.

Seed Pots

Strips of newspaper have been used to make seed pots. We can now start seeds off in the pots and then the pots and will go straight into the ground. We grow our own vegetables and flowers and these pots will be very useful.


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