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Kehelland Roots & Shoots update

It has been a great year and although we haven’t posted much on the website since our Belize Zoo fundraising event, we have been very busy indeed.

We spent whole term learning about British wildlife and how to protect it. We all love animals but we realised that we did not know that much about the creatures living right on our doorstep! We set out to learn more about them. We organised some minibeasts surveys on our school field and with the help of one of the handy dads, we made a fantastic bug hotel out of recycled material, it looks awesome and we are sure that many creepy crawlies will find it very comfortable this winter! We counted all the wild flower species growing on our Cornish hedges. We made some bird feeders and did some natural treasure hunts on the school ground. At the end of the term, our leader treated us to an amazing trip to Gwel an Mor wildlife centre on the coast. There we met Gary who took us on a wildlife walk where we were delighted to see Cornish lizards, slow worms, lots and lots of bugs as well as field voles and shrews. Then we came back to the centre where we met some of Gary’s rescued friends. Chewy the grass snake, a couple of cute toads, some bats, lots of rodents, and best of all, we fed his tame foxes named Meadow, Copper and Todd, they loved their special chocolate drops!!! Finally, we had the great honour to fly a few of his rescued birds of prey including Chunk the huge eagle owl, Sly the Barn owl , Elcho the tawny owl and Harriett the Harris Hawke. This was a day to remember.

We also concentrated on reusing material and we are very lucky to have so many handy parents out there. They helped us create an amazing quiet area with brilliant sculptures made of old junk. We particularly loved the CD peacock. We collected hundreds of plastic bottles to make our recycled green house and got busy in the vegetable garden. We also decided to brighten up the fence with a wonderful flower display made of milk bottles; it took us a little while to do it all but it was well worth it.

Finally, we were given lots of saplings so we planted them all around the school for the future generations of pupils to enjoy. When we think of all the great things we did this year, we feel very proud of ourselves because we know we made a difference.

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