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Year 6 building an african keyhole garden!

Our Year 6 pupils have been very busy building a sustainable african keyhole  garden.  They have been learning about sustainability and the soil conditions in Africa.  They have decided to grow tomatoes, sweetcorn and potatoes.   

The children used a combination of bricks and stones to create the garden.  They turned a piece of willow fencing into a cylinder to create the compost area at the centre of the garden.  A garden sieve was then placed on top of the compost area to allow the rain water to seep through the compost and into the garden to help enrich the soil.  Each day different children throughout the school place their banana peel, fruit stumps etc and the staff even compost their teabags!

The children decided to use the proceeds from selling their produce to help buy a goat for a third world country through OXFAM.

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