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Our Roots & Shoots group (what was and is and is to come!)

The Roots & Shoots programme is ‘About making positive change happen’ and so is everyone at St Christopher’s Roots & Shoots is also about creating a ‘Supportive environment where young people come together to share ideas and inspiration’ just like St Christopher’s. Roots & Shoots encourages ‘young people like us to implement successful community service projects and participate in special events, so do St Christopher’s. We haven’t achieved global domination but we’ve defiantly caught the attention of most in our county and the nation beyond that. We have tried to make all we do appealing to everyone – from listeners of BBC Radio Lancashire to the fans of football; to primary school pupils and to the old folks of nursing homes.

Naturally to get this range of support, it is safe to say we’ve dragged Mrs Litherland to a variety of places. In rivers, up hills and mountains; to conferences at very posh golf courses; to lesser privileged schools, to radio stations, football clubs, shopping centres …

Most places you can imagine, and a few you probably can’t! (Who thought of Tesco, derelict Churches and an ice cream shop?) With plans to help other schools develop their efficiency further and ideas about Eco French exchange, we are being kept pretty busy. Of course, we make time for special competitions.

The Pledge for Veg project has been the focus of many guests to our school. We would like to qualify as to why this is. Basically, if you Pledge for Veg you are promising to support growing your own veg or buying locally.

We were lucky enough to get Jane Goodall, herself to be one of the first people to sign up. This inspired countless other signatures and got us attention from the local and county councils, who both backed our campaign, after a very nervous presentation to the entire cabinet. We then entered our idea for The Climate Cops N-Power competition, and we were called to the finals. We came second!! Being one of ten finalists schools we were invited to be ten out of a hundred pupils who went on a lovely, little, cold, bonding trip in Ullswater.

Our Bonding Trip
Rather Chilly Bonding

We were also introduced to plenty of Eco idols in the form of big celebrities like Konnie Huq and Ben Fogle. We also found inspiration and strength in other young adults our age; people like you! We can only hope we were half as good for them as they were for us.

Post Written by Bethany Pearson Yr. 9

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