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Our new Sustainability BTEC

For all the excellent work the environmental leaders do over the year it is important that they gain recognition for the work inside school and as they move further in their lives.  That’s why Penryn College has decided to launch the new Sustainability BTEC for all our environmental leaders from this year.

However, as we only meet formally once a week its almost impossible to deliver which is why we have decided to make it an online,  independent learning course where students can access the information, upload all they are doing, keep notes of meetings and talk to each other through one website.

The environmental leaders have chosen to break themselves down into small groups, each looking at one of the eight gateways for ssustainability.  The work they do on this topic will ultimately lead to a full sustainability policy for the college with targets set for the school community and a series of actions they need to complete over the year to reach that target.

The process is to be supported by a range of professional mentors within each of the fields, from renewable energy experts to local farmers and health experts.

If you are interested in what our environmental leaders are up to then visit the site at and leave a comment

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