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Our own Penryn Cakes

At the start of the summer our Green team took part in a nationwide project to grow wheat on our farm.  Called ‘Bake your Lawn’ it called for everyone to grow some wheat on their school plots and when the time was right turn it into flour.

In planting the wheat the green team tried three different methods, firstly scattering it randomly in the plot, or planting in rows and lastly putting it in clumps.  Over the summer the wheat grew, the planting in rows proving best, until in the autumn the wheat started to mature and turn brown.

One afternoon the team then cut down the wheat and tied it into bundles to go a golden brown before threshing and winnowing to gain the wheat grains (really good fun with loads of energy spent!)

The grain was then ground down (we tried to get alocal miller to do it but they were too far away; we tried a coffee grinder but it wasn’t fine enough; a kitchen blender did the trick!) and stored for baking.  In the end we got over a kilo of Penryn flour.

Because we had eggs from our chickens the Green team decided they wanted to make cakes so we all spent an afternoon in the Food technology rooms, with the help of Jackie, making small fairy cakes out of  our own flour and eggs from the farm.  The results were excellent and the students thoroughly enjoyed their moment.  And what a wonderful thing to produce from our farm!

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