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One of the many things at Penryn College that the environmental leaders find difficult is the number of plastic bottles and plastic things that get thrown away each day.  Even though a lot of this gets recycled the students thought they might do something a bit more interesting with the waste we produce so they decided to team up with the art department and create a piece of recyled art.

The first step was to ask the school to collect as much waste plastic as they could, from bottles to lids, bags to toys.  No-one expected the school to respond the way they did with over thirty bags of plastic waste collected in a single week.

With the art team the students decided to re-create an aerial photo of Penryn town which was sent to us by English Heritage.  The environmental leaders met week after week sorting the plastic into colours, drawing the outline of the map on large recycled plastic tiles and finally sticking down the pieces.

To raise awareness of the project and let the school know what was happening to the plastic the leaders decided to create an impromptu piece of art in the heart of the school.  Having sorted the plastic into colours they laid out a colour spiral of plastic where everyone could see.  What amazed the leaders was that once left students started adding their own plastic bottles to the art work, increasing its size and making it a truly interactive piece of art.

Having finally completed the artwork the students this week proudly saw their piece hung in the centre of  the school and I for one think it looks amazing.  Thanks to the art team and the school community for supporting the environmental leaders in their work to raise awareness of the need to recycle.

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