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2011/2012 Update Roots & Shoots Bristol

The new Roots & Shoots Group in Bristol has arrived! We are in our first months of activities but we are already finding enthusiastic students raring to get involved and make a difference for the environment, people and animals.

We had our very own table at the University of Bristol’s volunteering fair at the Students Union where over 60 people signed up and countless others showed their support of Roots & Shoots and Dr Jane Goodall. Being able to see all the chimpanzees and Roots & Shoots work worldwide was a massive hit.

"UOB SU volunteering fair"
People eager to sign up for Roots and Shoots!

Our first events surrounded Make A Difference Day where we made and decorated over 200 cakes and raised over £120 for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. We were able to talk and educate others about the plight of whales in Antarctica, dolphins in Japan and Sharks and Sea Cucumbers in the Galapagos Islands and get the message of Roots & Shoots out to even more perspective members. As you can see,  it didn’t take long for the cakes to go! Most of them were sold within 15 minutes!

We then held our introductory talk in the Students Union. We got an amazing group of dedicated students together who all wanted to learn more about the Group and get involved in this amazing movement. Everyone had the opportunity to learn about our possible events and sign their interest for all the difference activities.

Our last activity of the term was holding a viewing of the Oscar award winning film documentary “The Cove”.  We raised even more awareness with the viewing and had a great many people discussing the problems and issues associated with marine conservation and interest in Roots & Shoots.

This term we have many activities and we look forward to many more opportunities to make a difference with Roots & Shoots, Bristol.

Charlotte and Clare at Roots & Shoots Bristol!

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