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Forest Activity Ideas

This activity is all about looking at forests and woodlands and understanding how they affect Animals, People and the Environment.

The finalised activity will specifically designed as a ‘kick start’ for groups who are just starting out with Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots and would like to try a bit of everything the programme has to offer. The activities are geared to using local forests/woodlands as a learning resource so that students can get out and about and interact with their local environment. Groups can try one, two, or all three of the main sections, and are also encouraged to extend the activity by comparing and contrasting their findings about their local environment with the experience of the Jane Goodall TACARE project in Tanzania.

The criteria is not just about how grand the students’ efforts are, but how broad their thinking is from taking part in the activities, so no matter how large or small a school’s resources are, every group will have a chance to show that through taking part they are becoming more conscientious members of society and truly encompassing the aspirations that Dr. Goodall has made the heart of Roots & Shoots.

Download this Activity Sheet.

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