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TASIS Wildlife Club 2011-12

TASIS Wildlife Club

Each Wednesday, 20 children from 3rd and 4th grade (aged 8-10) meet for Wildlife Club with Lower School teacher Wendy Gediman. We have been learning about British wildlife. The students have looked at habitats for a variety of animals, and how mankind has changed the natural habitat of these animals. Students have had the chance to see live animals every other week in the classroom. Anne Brummer, from Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, comes and shares animals that have been rescued. The goal she has is for animals to be given the care needed to eventually be well enough to be released back into nature. There have been a few animals where this is not possible, including a 30kg tortoise, and two Macaw parrots. These animals must be cared for in captivity, as their natural habitat is far away. Anne has helped us understand that some animals are not suitable to be sold as pets.

Presently, the children are working in our own Fleming Garden to clear an area to put in a small pond. This little pond will attract insects, which in turn are food for animals that live in the garden. Our goal is to release rehabilitated hedgehogs into the Fleming Garden to live. We have been working with teacher Dr. Landers in the garden to prepare areas for planting and for building our pond. The children have worked very hard, and they have learned so many things about the balance of life in nature. We have met a lovely hedgehog named Guy who will be coming to live in our beautiful garden with a friend in the coming weeks. He was found as a newborn under a pile of wood and branches before it was turned into a bonfire on the evening of Guy Fawkes. Harper Asprey has raised Guy, and we first met him when he was a month old. He came this past week to visit us again, and to be introduced to his future home. He is now fully grown, and he loved rambling around the garden investigating the life there. We are excited to think of him happily becoming a part of the balance of a healthy garden in the coming weeks.

We want to make a home for you in our garden!
We looked for the best place to build a pond.
We prepare to clear an area!
We have all worked hard and loved it!

We will keep you updated on projects in the future!! Meanwhile, we are all learning a lot and having lots of fun doing so!! Well done, TASIS students!

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