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Home Super Agents – making a difference

Home Super Agents are all young people in foster care. We cannot do group activities because we all live in different places but we are all doing little actions which help to make a big difference. Here is what some of us have been doing:

Super Agent P is 7 years old. Super Agent P cares about all the wildlife that is in danger from poaching and loss of places where they live. Closer to home Super Agent P goes to the beach a lot and whilst he is there always insists on picking up all the litter and fishing lines he finds. He knows how dangerous they all are to wildlife that live in and on the ocean.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Agent P also has his own gardening plot where he is growing fruit and vegetables.

Super Agent S is 14 years old. She has a particular interest in helping to look after dogs which are homeless. Every Sunday Agent S gives up her time to take dogs from her local Dog’s Trust kennels for walks. Agent S also collects food and blankets for the dogs and made a special collecting box for money which they have at the kennels.

Super Agent A is 15 years old. Agent A loves all animals and every Friday and during holidays Agent A gives up her time to be a volunteer at Ferne Animal Sanctuary. At  Ferne they take in all sorts of animals. Agent A walks lots of dogs but has also helped clean out all the avaries, the chinchillas and the chipmunk. Agent A always make sure she has time to talk to all the cats and horses at Ferne and even has time to stroke Margaret a very friendly hen. Agent A was very happy this week to see that all the rescued battery hens had grown enough feathers to be allowed outside – they were all pecking through the leaves in the wood bathed in the warm spring sun.

At home Agent A has a big bird feeder and makes sure there is always plenty of food for the wild birds. The robins get loads of meal worms whilst the nuts, seed and suet feeders attract lots of different birds including marsh tits, black cap, blue tits, coal tits and of course sparrows.

There are lots more Home Super Agents hard at work and I will update you soon as to what they are doing.

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